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Asked: 5 years ago

New dlc for 2010 ?

Dose any one know if there will be any new dlc in the new year ??

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There will not be any more DLC released for fallout three as they are currently spending their efforts on new games in the series instead of DLC

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Actually your wrong Ossendar they are making a new DLC called New Vegas hope that helps. peace :P

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New Vegas is an entirely new game, it has never even been considered to adding it as a DLC, Bethesda had even posted on their website upon the release of Mothership Zeta that they were going to discontinue the production of any Downloadable Content.

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He's right. The DLC for Fallout 3 is done. However, New Vegas is a completely new game and will be about what happened in the areas around Nevada and California. It was made by Black Isle and the original owners of the Fallout Franchise and was produced by Bethesda.
It will still feature V.A.T.S but it will be very different and takes place about 12 years after Fallout 3.

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