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Asked: 5 years ago

What to do if megaton trys to kill me?

I was trying to get that one guy to join me but my karma was to high so I started to bring it down but i pickpocket this one guy and he saw me and started attacking me so I was forced to kill him and now everyone in megaton is trying to kill me I was hoping that there was someway to stop this my last save was at the following in his footsteps quest so yeah.

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I forget which quest this is. Anyway, to stop a town from trying to kill you, go to another location (vault 101) and wait for 3 days (Select -> wait for 24hrs) return and the town shouldn't be trying to butcher you.
If you want negative karma for the follower, try this method:
*- Find a OWNED computer (red writing). Simply hack it & click any symbol (*,!,?,etc) till you get down to 1 guess then exit. rinse and repeat till reaches very evil! (A computer is located in the brass lantern in megaton)

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