Question from DarthPyro84

Asked: 5 years ago

How much memory does this game take up?

I'm kinda running out of room on my hard drive (lol 20gig), so i'm trying to figure out how much memory this game takes

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About 1 gig.

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After you complete the game and have a bunch of items it will take one gig.

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I beat the game and have three DLC and my save is only 23 Megs.

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It all depends... When you start the game its about 5mb than can go to 10 - 20mb later on... the maximum amount of memory that fallout can hold is about 1 gigabytes but for that you happen you'd have done every possible thing to max out memory such as dropping items (in areas dropped items don't disappear) for decoration (i did this for my megaton home).

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I depetnds on how many times you save and how many dlc's you have my game takes about 4 gigabytes

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