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Asked: 5 years ago

Nuka-cola (Sierra's Nuka-Cola Machine)?

Where can I find the key for Sierra's Nuka-Cola Machine?

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There's no key in-game for this. I can't remember if it lets you lock pick it, but if it does, that's the only way. Otherwise, you'd have to use the console to unlock it.

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No theres no console or anything no matter what you cant open it. you can buy the vending machine from the store in megaton and put your nuka cola in that it has the same effect.

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No key,no console,no lockpick no way to get to all the yummy nuka-cola inside this pristine vending machine (believe me i,ve tried) but however doolittlsey is right you can buy you,re own pristine vender for you,re house in megaton(if you havent blown it up yet) and and as an extra you,re vender makes all you're nuka-cola's ice cold and also doubles as a little bank as i have 573 ice cold nuka-colas in mine but i consider them as 573 caps. hope i helped.=)

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