Question from Greenday55567

Stuck in Megaton room with Fawkes?

I went to my house in Megaton (I have the vault theme) to rest up and when I woke up he was between the desk and the control panel and he wont move. HELP!

Greenday55567 provided additional details:

NEver mind I slept for 24 hours and the glitch made him go in the door way so I could get out


Fallout1313 answered:

Have you tried initiating combat with him and then getting him to chase you? That might get him free. Otherwise you'll have to load your last save.
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Greenday55567 answered:

I have and it doesnt work and I cant really reload my last save because the auto save is the sleeping in the bed and the regular save is near the bed cause I screwed up and I cant really kill him cause fawkes is invincible and I dont want to kill him he kills everything in his path
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Greenday55567 answered:

Did I mention he has a gattling lazer so I kinda cant survive
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