Question from OMGIDKMYBFF

Can you get All the fallout3 expasion packs?

I know you can get it for the computer my firend has them all. But my computer sucks so is there anyway to get them for the xobx 360 i havnt seen them anywhere not at any of the gamestops i go to. Can ya'll help?


jairrid answered:

Yes. You can get all five. You have to buy the Game of the Year edition, or borrow the second game disc from someone.
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Nomanisat answered:

Operation Anchorage and The Pitt are availible in Addon pack 1, and Broken Steel and Point Lookout are avalible on Addon pack 2. Mothership Zeta is only availible on XBL or the GOTY edition.
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peicurler91 answered:

I dunno, the Game of the Year edition might give you all the DLC's. I have it and installed it.
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