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How do i heal limbs?

when i look at my Pipboy it shows by left foot as a nub. Also It says i cant run cause of it. I went to sleep and used stimpax and went to the doctor and it still is not healed

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slvrfang88 answered:

Your leg is not the problem, it is supposed ot be a nib

The reason you cannot run is becaus eyou are carrying to much weight

Look at the top of your items where it lists your health and such and you should see something like 220/220 Wg

If the first number is higher than the second number you are carrying to much stuff and cannot run until you drop acess weight
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ruppfive answered:

Your left foot always looks like a nub, as long as its not a dashed outline it's fine.
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ruppfive answered:

You could always try applying stimpaks directly to the limb. Open up your Pipboy, go to the menu that shows your body, press x (if playing on xbox) and it should allow you to cycle through the limbs.
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seker456 answered:

You can heal a limb by applying stimpacks or directly to your limb by pressing on that limb. Or you can sleep or go to the doctor. You can also have that perk you get from the radiation quest from moria and get 600 radiation then go to her you get knd of mutated then you can go in radiation after a certaint rad point your limbs wll heal. Or your carruing to much weight like 230/230 or higher that won't let you run. If not its a glitch
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jubg11 answered:

Your left leg is supposed to be a nub, i guess the designers didn't bother completing it. If it says you can't run then drop/sell something, almost every item in the game weighs something, lets say your at 201/200 wg, that means you are carrying more than you can handle. You can still run if its at 200/200, well on mine it does.
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