Question from Mercyuri

How can I get to the Corvega Factory?

I'm trying to get to the corvega factory, and I can't get to it. I know where it is on the map (not on map in game but looking at maps online), but it seems like every route there is blocked. Please help me!


leon41235 answered:

Im citing this from memory, but I believe It's located on the east side of the map, somewhat In the middle I believe. Maybe a short ways east of the scrapyard, or south of Canterbury Commons. I just found it last night using the Explorer perk, which I highly recommend you get at level 20 so you won't have this problem any more. Hope that helps.
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Nomanisat answered:

The routes shouldn't be blocked, it's just out in the wastes, if memory serves it's in the middle of North-South, towards the East
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FyourFISH answered:

I stumbled upon running from Wheaton armory to Vault 108.
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