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Will they ever be friendly?

Ok im doing the riley's rangers mission but when i get to the top it says their now hostile toward me i heard that if you have fawkes with you it causes that i did have him fllowing me but i fired him and then tried but no luck any ideas?


diablo5843 answered:

From what i've read If you have Fawkes, Charon, or Dogmeat in your party when you make initial contact with the Rangers on the roof of the Statesman Hotel, Reilly's Rangers may become hostile to you. This can be avoided if you have the follower wait in the hallway of the previous area, go make initial contact with the Rangers, then return to the prior area and retrieve your follower.
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oicu8490 answered:

Have you tryed talking to Riley yet (Riley can be found in the Under World)? If you havent then try listening to their distress signal when you reach the roof I heard that works.
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