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Where do i find the key for the Shack in the Scrap yard?

Hi.. Since i never found angelas house when going to minefeild early on.. i was attempting to return to the area.. i for the scrap yard and got Dogmeat.

Found a dead scavanger but no key not even on the bandits.

Where is the key for the hut? i have been looking on the various shelves in the scrap yard.. and was thinking about trying to get on the roof of the structure there.

Ben_the_ben provided additional details:

but I have the lawbringer perk how does that get me the key to the shack in the scrap yard...?

Ben_the_ben provided additional details:

hmm kk next time I go through as evil ill have to check it out. ty.

Accepted Answer

blackfiredrgn answered: doesnt unless you take the contract killer perk
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Bahamut_42 answered:

To get the key for the shack, you need to take the 'Contract Killer' perk, and the shack will be unlocked and there will be a marker on your Pipboy map. The same goes for the 'Lawbringer' perk. You'll get a mark on your map for a shack and you'll meet the Rangers.
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Bahamut_42 answered:

AND as far as I can tell, it's impossible to get on top of the structure in the middle, unless you're playing the PC version and turn off clipping.
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