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Wtf fawkes?

When i left fawkes at the enclave base he went to study us history and i saw him at the jefferson momorial outside by the statue and its impossible to get to him any body no what to do?

Blue_Dragoon77 asked for clarification:

Does he stay there if you Fast-Travel? Is he permanently stuck? If so, then you may be SOL unless you have an earlier save.

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diablo5843 answered:

He did the same to me because I dismissed Fawkes before finishing the game. I then found him on top of the Memorial. You cant get up to talk to him. I shot him in the head about 3 times with the 44. When he started firing back I went in the memorial. The people with books were running scared. After a few minutes everyone inside calmed down. I went back out side and Fawkes was not longer red and he was off the memorial and standing next to me.
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

In my game Fawkes always ends up in the foyer outside of Underworld where that ghoul is talking about Aqua Cura (its part of the Broken Steel DLC I believe). Don't know if that helps but thats where he always ends up for me, after activating the purifier.
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