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Asked: 5 years ago

Were is lucys brother?

Were is lucys brother i went to the right town and i saw the dead family with bit marks and now i have to find lucys brother.

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From: psico_diavolo 5 years ago

Her brother is in the sub way north of Arefu. It is called Northwest Seneca Station. When you go into it you'll meet some non-hostile ghouls. in the side room where you met the ghouls is a room w/ radioactive barrels. look on the floor at the base of the barrels and you'll find the entrance to the Family's lair.

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Her brother's in the subway north of the town her family was at, with the vampire family.

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Did you go talk to Evan King? You need to talk to Evan King about the Family. If you ask him where the Family is located he gives you three different locations, check them out and you'll find Ian West.

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