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Would my mother allow me to buy?

I am 13 , and my mom let me get Gow 1&2 (w/ language filters. blood isnt an issue really) , borderlands, and RE5. when i ask her about buying fallout 3 she immediately says no, so could anyone help me put up a case to get her to let me?

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Just so you know i wont be accepting answers because i dont want to close the question
thanks fo the info :)


JungleBoy49 answered:

I am 13 as well and my mom wasnt to sure either but it really isnt that bad except for the blood. there are some bad language but nothing really bad. this game is not as bad it sounds and is really awesome.
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sgttaters answered:

The games blood really isnt that bad, people explode every once and a while, but thats it. And im sure there is a language filter somewhere, but ive never looked for it.
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Mr_McTavish answered:

There are no language filters in Fallout 3, they swear a lot.
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gray_fox_11 answered:

Well,I have Re 4.5 and Umbrella crhonicals.It's more violent than any of them,[One perk makes enemys blow up.And theres objects called gore bags which have mutilated body parts]And thers a girl in the first town who[and shes calles herself this if you talk to her about the guy Gob]Is a whore,so its more violent.
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MaKoNes10 answered:

You can promise your mom to cover your eyes whenever the game is about to get messy =D No really, games DON'T affect peoples mentality! When I was 10 or so, my mon bought me RedAlert (K18) (thanks mom!). And what's more, the world IS cruel, and people DO say f*ck this &that. Why should it be different in virtual reality, seriously?
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Msvman123 answered:

You're mom is so strict about game's maybe she play's them
So the answer Yes it is violent and the game itself has character's the swear's alot and a perk that let enemies explode so there's you're answer kthxbai
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