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Has this happened to you?

O.K. so i was at Paradise Falls and i randomly saw that guy that runs the gun store in rivet city named shrapnel. WTF???? is this guy like a slaver or wut? or was this just a glitch?


CancerPants answered:

Probably just a glitch. In my game one of the people from Tenpenny Tower is constantly hanging around outside Megaton.

But Shrapnel is sort of related to a quest from Paradise Falls...


If you take the "Strictly Business" quest from the guy outside Paradise I think Shrapnel is one of the 4 people he sends you to capture.
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shay420shay420 answered:

There are only three people to capture in "Strictly Business". They are Flak, Red and some chick from tenpenny tower.
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Master_Of_Tyria answered:

To further the point of Cancer pants. There is four.

The next guy on my quest list was a man named Arkansas. I forget where he was holed up at though...
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Tamzgamz answered:

Arkansas is in minefield in the offices at the end of the road.
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ali8283 answered:

He randomly walks around the Wasteland when you capture Flak for the slaves! If you kill everyone and tell Flak that the doors open! He'll walk out and hed for Rivet City, therefore so does Sharpnel! By the way Sharpnel sells mini nukes!
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