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Asked: 5 years ago

Ok there is a locked cellar in Springvale...Where the heck is the key??

So you first leave the Vault and your running around looting stuff in the hollowed out homes of springvale and as your heading over to where that one lady lives across from the school, i think right next to her house, there is a burned up place where a locked cellar door requires a key...where do you find this key? i have played through this game multiple times and am close to 100% and i have yet to find this stupid key. it is not tied to any achievments but my curiosity is driving me mad! Anyone have any idea where this key is?

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thats the thing though i didnt have the DLC when i found it. its been there since i first bought the game. been looking for the key forever! its driving me mad i tell you!!!

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I have looked on the fallout Wiki and there is a list of keys on there. not one says springvale cellar key. im starting to doubt its exsistance...

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So you cant go in there at all?

Accepted Answer

From: blueovalgamer 4 years ago

Yes, you can go there. The cellar door is unlocked by an NPC as part of the quest to get water to Megaton. The quest is called Holy Water. If you destroyed Megaton, the quest will not be available.

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It's been awhile sice I've played, but I believe it is part of the Broken Steel DLC. A quest about water not reaching its destination.

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I understand your frustation. The cellar door was there and locked before I got the DLC's also.

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You do not get to unlock it. As part of the DLC, the cellar door is unlocked by a NPC.

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