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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get into GNR?(Says I need a key)

I've already been inside GNR but now it says I need a key. I talked to the intercom to try to get in, and the intercom says the door is open. Any suggestions?

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From: idoless 6 years ago

You need to use the intercom to the right of the doorway and they should unlock the door.

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Yes.. i have not confirmed but i still stick by.

That you may need to carry a brotherhood of steel dogtag.
i never have had a prob getting in.. and..

The first time i went through the Area i warped to GNR coming back from my Megaton house. and a dead Brotherhood of Steel member dropped from the sky infront of the building.

try it let me know im interested to see if that will open the door, pls let me know.

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If all of the Super Mutants are killed, use the intercom. He will say that is isnt safe yet, and that he will not unlock the door. wait a little longer, and a Behemoth will come smashing out. After it is dead, get on the intercom again, and he will unlock the door.

Rated: +0 / -2 need to click on the door, it doesn't open automattically...It's a new area, so the game needs to load the effects and what not, so you need to click on the door.

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