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Asked: 6 years ago

Need help with my followers?

Ok, so after Raven Rock (The American Dream) I went home and both of my followers were gone. (RL-3 and Star Cross) They are still both in the game but i cannot enlist them both anymore. I already killed DogMeat is their any way to get them both back at the same time?

Additional details - 6 years ago

No I have had more then DogMeat and one other.
Also I know its possible to have upwards of 10.

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You only can have ONE follower at a time. (Not including Dogmeat)

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My answer is the only way I can think of having multiple followers. As far as 10 DogMeats? That's bull, If you have the Animal Follower(Affinity or whatever it is) perk maybe you've been helped by a bunch of dogs. But there is only one DogMeat.

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Yeah the dogs that help you aren't dog meats but there are glitches to help you with this search 'multiple followers' in this website.

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Yeah there will be lots of answers.

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