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Follower after Tranquity lane?

After Tranquity lane, I just left with James and forgot Jericho. After completing all the missions surrounding James and eventually entering the citadel, I went back to Vault 112 several times to look for him and he wasn't there. I also went to megaton and looked in the saloon and his house several times and he wasn't there.
I only want to find him so I can fire him and hire the star paladin cross because it won't let me hire her because he's still a follower. So I was wondering if you guys had any idea as to where he might be?

nasislike79 provided additional details:

That isn't necessarily true because my karma eventually turned good while Jericho was my follower as I started doing good things and he didn't leave. So I definitely could recruit her if I could fire him

Archagon asked for clarification:

I'm also interested in if anyone else has run into a problem like this. It just happened to me last night only with Clover. I'm good but I bought her as a slave while evil and I can't find her in any of the places I'd imagine her to be (Vault 112, Eulogy's Pad, My megaton house). I ended up loading the game at a much earlier save so I'll see if I run into the same problem tonight and let you know.


CovertJellyfish answered:

You wouldn't be able to get Star Paladin Cross as a follower anyway as your Karma will be too low ( You need to be Good or Very Good to recuit her ) and Jericho only follows you if you are Bad
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Silent_RastaMan answered:

Always try entrance to 101, i know ur sayin "why the hell would they be there" but you be surprised how many times i would find my follower there, not sayin its full proof that you'll find them, but its defiently a good chance
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