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Asked: 6 years ago

Controls please help(no were to chane them)?

Contols are as followed:
Left stick=move around
Right stick=look around

Tats the way they are supposed to be and none others.

But for me:
Left stick=look around
Right stick=move around

There is no were to change them ive looked everwere on the game, the menu, settings, pause menu, everwhere please help?

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Go to your profile. Edit profile. Game settings. General. Change it to right stick movement.

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(XBOX 360 ver.) Ok, I may be new to forums, but when I solve an issue myself and see others struggling I like to help. This is what i did: yes the controls were southpaw or backwards. To fix this you need 2 controllers and a 2nd gamertag.(This takes place on your dashboard.) Sign into the second gamertag on the first controller, then your main tag on the second controller. First player will be your 2nd account (does not have to be gold) (nor does your main) Load the game using 2nd player, You will be using the 2nd controller the whole time. (Here is the catch and it sucks!) The game settings will be default and YOU CAN NOT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE SETTINGS, or it will reverse on you. This includes but not limited to: pipboy color, brightness, sound levels, button config, etc. If you accidently change it and it reverses on you, then just go to the dashboard and reapeat the beginning steps. HOPE YOU ENJOY PLAYING THE GAME THE WAY IT WAS MEAN'T TO BE PLAYED.

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