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Red Rocket stations?

What were the Red Rocket stations used for before the war? I know it doesnt have anything to do with the story of fallout 3 but im curious

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Well i know they were fuel stations for cars but i mean seeing that most cars after u blow them up leave im wondering how they would fuel the cars if they are nuclear powered? and i know that no one will really know the answer but i just wanna know how ppl think the cars got re-fueled

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Fuel Stations for cars.

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Red Rocket is probably the name of a franchise of refueling stations for pre-Great War automobiles. They can be encountered all across the wasteland. They are landmarks for many pre-War rest areas and garages throughout the wastes and can also be found near pre-War suburban settlements such as Springvale.

edit NotesAt the base of a fueling station, where the gas pumps would be on an ordinary station, a dirty sign is visible that appears to say "Petroleum spirit. Highly flammable."
Red Rocket refueling stations seem to appear next to almost every gas station in the Capital Wasteland.
The Church of Atom in Megaton has a 'Red Rocket' rocket on top of their church, either taken from one of the refueling stations or a piece of climbing apparatus from Springvale Elementary playground.
There are usually some trash bins or Nuka-Cola vending machines to be found in the vicinity.
The station's apparatus is a prime exaple of Raygun Gothic architecture.

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Well i know that the cars are powered by nuclear fission, just like the mister gutsy's and protectrons. THe use fission batteries. So i assume youd just switch out the battery?

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