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Where Does one recieve contracts from?

Just took the Contract Killer perk and I know where to turn in ears, but I have not been offered a "Contract". Is there a different NPC that I need to find to get contracts, or is a 1 charisma and very low speaking skill hindering me from other dialogue options that would give me Contract options?

DrakkaKorin provided additional details:

I understand that part, but I guess i was expecting for him to give a true contract such as:

"Go kill the sheriff of Megaton and Ill give you 200 caps etc."

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MasterSergeant0 answered:

Once you have the Contract Killer perk, any good character you kill will have an ear on their corpse. This ear can then be sold to a certain person (whose identity is disclosed when you take the perk) for caps and negative Karma. The individual in question resides at the Scrapyard and will pay 15 caps per ear.
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Ben_the_ben answered:

Nope lol i caught that and didnt get that perk right away due to that fact. its just nice pocket change for evil doers.
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