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Help getting into Project Purity???

I was wondering around to all the vaults and ended up finding the G.E.C.K and went to raven rock and all the jazz and ended up destroying it. but then i start falling the story line more and i'm at the part where i need to kill all the muties to get into project purity with my dad but there are no muties. i killed them already everywhere (the basement, everywhere.) and he keeps telling me to go clear the area. but i asked my friend about it and he said i did it the wrong way that i was supposed to go there before finding the GECK but of course i didn't know that at the time. and now my games basically screwed i think. can anyone help me? i'm sure there's some way i can keep going...right? so if anyone knows anything please let me know thanks!

zombieXmistress provided additional details:

when I walk into the rotunda I can walk up to the little place to insert the virus and I see someone on my radar standing behind a computer but I can not get to them because I do not have the key for the emergency bulkhead thing. I figured my only option was to start over


Vash999999999 answered:

Check the project purity room
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