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Follower Troubles..glitch maybe?

Ok, so I had Charon as a follower and I told him to wait at my house while I went into vault 87 to finish the Garden of Eden part of the quest. I was able to get Fawkes to follow me once I got outside of Raven Rock, but when I went back to the Ninth Circle to get Charon he said he couldn't come because I had someon else. I have all the expansions loaded into my game, also.

So how do I get them to both follow me? Is this an irreversable glitch?

Finnerwoo provided additional details:

I thought if you got Dogmeat while you had one other follower, you could go to Charon and kill Dogmeat in front of him. Opening up a slot for Charon. That way you could have both him and Fawkes.
I seriously thought there was a way you could get both to follow you.


_shearm answered:

You can only have Dogmeat plus one other follower, at the most. You can't have two followers unless one is Dogmeat. It's not a glitch, it's the way the game is intended to be.
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