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Asked: 4 years ago

Help with escorting the scintests?

ok so I cleared all the mutants and talked to my dad and started the Escort part of Waters of Life but everyone is just standing at the entrance of project purity and not going anywhere. i talk to dad and he says to head to the control room, i go to the rotunda and wait...and wait...and wait...I've tried a few different things like waiting for them to enter the gift shop first thinking maybe that did it but i sat there and waited for 4 days and they still were standing there. did i do something wrong? i checked everywhere again and its still cleared and Danial and Alex are waiting outside of the rotunda too

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Ummm... try loading a save before you cleared the building...

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well if you have the Broken Steel dlc then your dealin wit a glitch. If you have a save file before you started you should delete your dlc and redownload it again. That should work, but, if you didnt have Broken Steel in the first place then your pretty much screwed.

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Try checking the basement floor. There are some mutants down there but nothing an experienced player can't handle.

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