Question from stanborough0311

The game says my skills are at 100 but they arnt whats the deal?

I'm at level 28 and for the past three levels when i level up when i get to the skill point screen it says my lock pick, big gun, small gun and maybe one or two others are at level 100 and wont let me add points. but after i assign points and perks and return to game play my skills are only at high 90's what gives? do i have to reach lvl 30 to get a skill to 100 or do books and bobble heads mess with this i cant play any more until i know because i dont want to screw myself could use a hand, thanks.

q-w-e-r-t-y asked for clarification:

Do you have radiation poisoning?

stanborough0311 provided additional details:

I figured it out i was suffering from withdrawl and minor rad poisoning. went to a doc and had him do the addiction cure now my abilities are at 100. thanks for the help guys.


evildarkscot answered:

As q-w-e-r-t-y asked have u got radiation poisoning plus certain pieces of clothing will lower stats so check all your clothing first if its non of this then sorry cant help you
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