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Asked: 6 years ago

Trouble on the Homefront Quest?

I killed the Overseer and Mack back in the first quest. Does this mean i will be able to do the Trouble on the HOmefront Quest?

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You probably won't be able to do the quest as it is based arounnd the overseer sry but try go to vault 101 and see if you pick up the emergency radio frequency anyway

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I killed both of them in the beginning and I was able too get back into Vault 101 after I got the emergency radio broadcast from Amata.

So you should be able too also.

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You are still able to do the quest because there will be a new overseer

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How did you kill Mack at the First quest.. He is the guy banging on the glass and its not possible to reach him... w/o console I guess

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I didnt kill Amatas dad what will happen?

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