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Who exactly is Sam Warrick? (aside from having cool sunglasses)

I keep having to kill this guy and he doesn't seem important to any quest.

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happyspartans answered:

Sam Warrick is a random encounter who carries a sniper rifle. if you kill him you will not lose or gain karma, but if you have lawbringer he will drop a finger. He actually is a bounty hunter and when he spawns he spawns with a waste lander that he chases and tries to kill, though this wastelander if seldom found because he will kill him and wander off. As long as this wastelander is still alive Sam wont kill you.

And he has cool sunglasses!
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gold_prevalence answered:

The fallout wiki states he's a random encounter NPC with a sniper rifle. He can sometimes be found in a hollowed out rock near Megaton and other places.
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Ketchemonia answered:

There are many NPCs like this they usally have a combat shotgun or a sniper rifle. If you look hard enough you can find an outcast kinda guy from oasis, who has an unique sniper rifle.
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happyspartans answered:

The oasis outcast guy is not a random encounter, you can only find him in one place all the time
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