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How do I get to the national archives?

I'm doing Stealing Independence and can't seem to get near the archives. Is there some trick to it or am I just brain dead?

eriknimblehands provided additional details:

No, either my DSi browser couldn't handle it or the page was messed up. Any simple tips? Go to this place, head south, and there it is?


Trotzky answered:

goto on the right u will see links to maps.
i hope this helps
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Trotzky answered:

If u know where the mall is(museum of technology, museum of history etc.) u just have to follow the map marker
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couger81 answered:

Its just left of Underworld/Museum of history, but be carefull as there are mutants patrolling around there.
What i did was killed a few and made a dash up the stairs to the door.
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Cha0sTh30ryX answered:

It is located in the mall area in D.C., so pretty much just fast travel to the museum of technology, museum of history or underworld and follow the map marker. Easy as pie.
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