Question from recca1821

I can't find Charon?!?!

I can't find Charon! I had him with me when i stormed the purifier with the brotherhood. but when i woke up after i put the the password in the purifier i couldn't find him. i looked for him in the underworld and in the purifier but nothing. then i tried to make Fawkes follow me but he said that my companions wouldn't like him.

recca1821 provided additional details:

I can't i already saved after that and i had dogmeat with me but i found him in vault 101. is there anything else i can do

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madmatt243 answered:

I found my Charon after a long while of looking, at the infirmary where you wake up at the Citadel, waiting for me in the corner.
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evildarkscot answered:

That is a glitch that often happens from taken followers into the purifier reload before that and fire him first
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