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Asked: 4 years ago

What is a great weapon combo? "May Contain Spoilers"

I mean with armor and drugs perks weapons and ways to attack.I have the DLCs too. (no stealth attacks because of a easy kill.)Also please don't say like MIRV + Psycho= Easy kill but rare equipment

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Thats not what I meant Im saying with like drugs and armors to improve on a weapon that has alot of possibilities.

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Nvm ppl

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Ok so here's probably the best one with all DLC. The weapons to repair are abundant and they have lots of ammo.

Lincoln's Repeater/Backwater Rifle
Xuanlong Assault Rifle
BlackHawk Pistol
Victory Rifle Sniper
The Terrible Shotgun
Tesla Cannon (Not Very Many Repairs but 1 hit kill)
Anything from Mothership Zeta is really good too

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Get gauss rifle not victory rifle, the mplx novasurge is really great too if you can get it or have it.

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