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Security room error? -Megaton

So,I'm in Megaton just kind of looking around. I ACCIDENTLY walk into the security room, and a bot starts shooting me. I left the room but it follows do several Megaton settlers.
I have very little health and nothing to use to replenish it. For some reason, my game autosaved right as I exit the security room. Im instantly attacked by the bot and about 5 settlers. What can I do? I keep dying..I'm at level 4 and do not want to have to start the game over.


1KingOfGames answered:

Leave the settlement for 3 days and then come back, thats the required time for a settlement to "forget" your wrongdoings. There is one exception and that will be Paradise Falls.
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madmatt243 answered:

Well, you should have a previous savegame. If not run like hell. This is a good example of why you should save often.
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Nomanisat answered:

The door was locked, so you either had to pick the lock or steal the key. As for what you can do, run like hell for the door. You might be able to snag a bit of health by drinking water from the bomb crater. If you make it out, wait three days and all will be forgiven. DON"T KILL ANY ONE!.
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