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Broken Steel Good Karma Ending?

So, I found this while browsing the Fallout 3 wiki site..

Additional details - 4 years ago

lol, it glitched..

"At the end of Broken Steel (if you chose the Good Karma path) you can talk to Sarah Lyons after the speech and depending on what you say, she may hint at possibly having a more personal relationship with you "if things were different"."

Anyone know the correct dialog choices for this?"

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Sorry i don't know the correct dialog but i can tell you once you do this nothing really happens and after you beat the regular game you can't talk with her anyway so there is no point in doing this. She is knocked unconscious by the explosion and RADs in the memorial.

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If you're character is male she says this to you at the end. It doesn't go anywhere, and she says it during the course of the conversation, you don't have to go looking for it.

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