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Favorite Follow?

Who is your favorite follower and why? Personally I like Fawkes because he is a living pack mule.:P


fullmetalyanal answered:

I like charon cuz with fawkes he takes forever to load the gatling laser but if it wasnt for that time it would be fawkes.
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Nomanisat answered:

Because I like to use sneak, I don't ususally have a follower, but when I do, Fawkes wins hands-down, he's a beast!
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Arnings answered:

If you have good karma you can get Fawkes as a follower. He is great if you have a problem with a mission or something. But he makes the game too easy. I like Charon and Dogmeat.
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Kamikaze26 answered:

I like Fawkes because he can gib anyone I fight against easily.
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rafaelsupercool answered:

In my opinion i like Fawkes cause "she" can carry most of ur stuff and can help u in many situations...
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amboris answered:

Fawkes makes it to easy. Personally i like Dogmeat the most! You can make him find ammo for you and plenty of other things. Charon is second. He makes it kinda easy to. The ones that suck are Star paladin Cross, Clover and Butch. Heres my listing. (i dont have fawkes included)
1.Dogmeat(Perfect companion, just perfect)
2.Charon(His SHOTGUN IS kick-ass!)
3.Sergeant RL-3(i seen a vid where he kills everyone at paradise falls including Clover!
4.Jericho(sucks cause you gotta pay for his equipment, but hes good)
5.Star Paladin Cross(lame laser pistol, she would be way better if she had a laser rifle with infinite ammo)
6.Butch and Clover(tied but still i think they both suck!)
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amboris answered:

Here's more bout the companions
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GnR546 answered:

Fawks all the way....Great for carrying armor I'm planning to bring back to my house (Idk why but I store nearly every weapon/armor I keep and still have 10k+ caps)

He also takes forever to kill (killed him by myself, took atleast 10min if not longer with nonstop shots to the head with AK) Best, he's a super mutant =D
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zerodate answered:

Fawkes he has over 15,000 hp thats 15x a behemoth on normol but he also makes the game way to easy he carries one of the games best weopons the gattling laser and he has unlimited ammo.
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SunOfAtom answered:

I prefer Jericho to all the followers - however, a word of warning. Never take Jericho to the Dunwich Building. For some strange reason, whenever you leave the building he doesn't follow and a few seconds later you get a follower warning saying that Jericho has died. Spooky...
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6stringsoffire answered:

Probably a better question for the boards but okay. Dogmeat all the way because he finds stuff for me AND doesn't care what my karma is.
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jayhay1197 answered:

I like fawkes best cause the gatling laser infinet ammo and can carry an a-load of stuff.
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Vault_Monkey answered:

Dogmeat, he is the only one that can find things for you, and he is an awesome fighter. Plus I love dogs, I think it is so cool you can own one.
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Deconstruct0 answered:

Fawkes is my favorite. A MIRV Fatman couldnt kill that thing. If you do get charon, dont steal from underworlders. He will get out his shotgun and fire at you untill you are dead.
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blackhawk808 answered:

Dogmeat is the best. Dogmeat + Broken Steel > Deathclaw, Yao Guai, Mirelurk King... etc.
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TheBonsaiSlaya answered:

Fawkes has a gatling laser with infinite ammo. and a super sledge. I think not very many people know it but dogmeat can be taken with another follower.
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1FNBigHen answered:

Fawkes + jericho = game complete
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EllipsisEclipse answered:

It's gotta be Fawkes, only problem with him is I find he tend to get tuck in small spaces sometimes and you have to leave him behind or I lose him because he has found a random enemy to fight *rolls eyes*
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ubertyrant answered:

Technichally you're right, rafaelsupercool, because according to the wiki supermutants had their gender organs malfunction from the intense radiation. So, she or he, it doesn't matter what you call it.
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ubertyrant answered:

super tough dog+HOLY **** type of tough super mutant with gatling laser+dude in winterized T51b power armor with huge arsenal of weapons/armor (at least 90% are unique)=SUPER ****ING TEAM OF AWESOMENESS!!!!
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DounutMan answered:

Sure Fawkes kick-ass, has really big health, very very nice weapon, and can carry a load. But he gose into a room and just shoots up the place.

Dogmeat is my favorite, good health, very very strong. And he is very quiet

The 3 others are all the same in my opion, good health, ok weapons, sneaks well, and can carry a good amount
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tharealg94 answered:

ok the way i see it is why have one follower when you can have all 8 main ones plus cherry, the annoying bastard from little lamplight, sydney, ect. sgt. rl3 has a glitched fired talk thing look it up on youtube or the wiki thing. most of the time i go ninja and ride solo but whenever i feel like kickin some ass i mobilize an army of power armour and mini guns :D (PS if you have broken steel everytime you level up dogmeat, fawkes and sgt. rl3 do as well, it increases their health by 500 every level you gain so u can have a truely indistructable supermutant robot and dog with you at all times)
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dukenukem3574 answered:

Paladin Cross and Fawkes there both good with long and short range plus after you start broken steel you can have both
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sshina025 answered:

i prefer riding solo, but if i do go with companions i choose jericho, he has some decent firepower and he always has something funny to say. never go with paladin, clover, or butch because your not gonna get anything but dead comrades. -DO NOT use Seargent Rl:3 in the DC area because he'll just end up blowing up cars (and you in the process!)-
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Msvman123 answered:

I'd prefer solo to well the just die so solo ftw
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Msvman123 answered:

And you should have posted this on the board
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elvampire666 answered:

I like using charon, just because i am using him with a contract the only bad thing about it is you loose a little karma in order to get him and probably loose your chances in getting the tb-15 armor early with the shoot em in the head quest.
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shadow097654 answered:

If you want to go all out on enemies, need a follower to hide behind,carry a load and don't worry about sneaking, its Fawkes. He also could be left alone with a behemoth and kill it without taking much damage and it also took me 3 mini nukes to kill him. If you sneak and fight from a distance Charon is good because his combat shotgun has no spread effect and can easily wipe out enemies from a distance. Charon also can wear power armor. If you don't have broken steel, try not to take dogmeat unless you are searching for something because I'm lv 20 and he died by 3 mole rats after I told him to go to vault 101. Also dogmeat attacks any enemy he can find boosting the chances of him dying. I use Fawkes and leave dogmeat at home.
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Leweenie answered:

RL3 is tough and he can carry a lot of your stuff, but he needs neutral karma.
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CorrodedCadaver answered:

Fawkes is the best follower by far but closely followed by dog meat,
He is so powerful I could not locate him the other day I turned around and he had killed a super mutant behemoth,
Can Fawkes actually die??
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zabboo1 answered:

Not only is Fawkes brilliant, but he also carries a GATLING LASER! Not only is the most powerful, he's also the most fun. Here's my list:

1.Fawkes (powerful and funny)
2. Cross (powerful and strong)
3. Charon (good gun and awesome)
4. Dogmeat (a man's best friend)
5. Sergeant RL-3 (A robot with attitude)
6. Jericho (a weak old man and trigger happy)
7. Clover (total #@*&%)
8. Butch (he tried to steal your sweetroll)
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captinkickass answered:

Fawaks and dog meat fawks is the beasteist I took his melle wepon in old glory and he beat a death claw to death
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PsychicPsycho_0 answered:

I can't really pick a single follower, I'm so used to having both Fawkes and Dogmeat around. I like Fawkes because he's awesome, very strong, can carry a lot of stuff, and he's freaking crazy (but in a good way). I like Dogmeat because he's simply a cool dog, and sort of brings a bit of normality to the wasteland.
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