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How much armor would you be able to take from Raven Rock without becoming over-encumbered?

I'm wanting to go to Raven Rock to get a bunch of Power Armor. I'm probably just gonna bring one gun, and one set of armor, and nothing else except maybe that geographical thing from REilly's Rangers.
Anyway, I have about 290-300 lbs of carrying space. I plan to get all the scientist and officer things first, and then armor. The I dunno how much it weighs or anything, I'll probably do the last part over-encumbered so I can load off some things to Fawkes... So, can anyone give me an estimate?


Capcom4ever answered:

Tesla and Enclave power armor weight slightly different amounts. If you take ALL of the officer and scientist clothes, then that may be a good 100 lbs. right there. Assuming you have decent armor, a chinese assault rifle, and the 5 pouns geo-thing, you should be able to carry about 4-5 complete sets of power armor. And you can always repair those sets with pieces that you find armound the base..
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SlayerKnot answered:

One thing about being encumbered ..... if you can shoot off arms or legs or even the head of an npc , you can put your stuff into it and just carry the body part. It does slow you down but not as much as it does when its in your inventory.If someone decides to shoot you just drop the arm or whatever and you will have full mobility.Deal with them, then pick it up and continue. The only drawback is that you can't carry it through the "main doors". I used this both at Raven and during BOS but it works anywhere. Just give your stuff to Fawkes as you mentioned and you should make it out with a lot of stuff.
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TheBonsaiSlaya answered:

Pack a lot of buffout, id say. and get the strong back perk.
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