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How do I fix this Glitch?

I am about to beat the xbox version of fallout 3. I just made the march to the jefferson with liberty prime. I went into the jefferson and cleared out all the bad guys. Then went into the rotunda and killed colonel autumn. Now I need to turn on the purifier and beat the game. Here is the GLITCH.....the big glass security door to the control room is still shut and will not open. You know, the big glass door that your dad shuts to poison the enclave and sacrifice himself. Its says "requires key". I talk to lyons but all she says is that "we better make sure this area is secure before we do anything else." The door WILL NOT OPEN. And I can't even go backwards because the exit doors are locked behind me. So how do I open the big glass security doors? Or how do I avoid this glitch?

boatakks13 provided additional details:

How much earlier of a save should I load? I have gone back to before the march with liberty prime and still the door is closed. Should I go back to before dad sacrficed himself. I still have an old save from tranquility lane. Do I need to go back that far?


amboris answered:

I think ur screwed. Play again? After all you did everything to beat the game. You basically beat it. (To bad you wont be able to see the legendary ending!)
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LucidR3N3GAD3 answered:

Just load to an earlier save and it should fix it. If you have the Broken Steel DLC you can play past the ending (It's better to go in and enter the code yourself). And there is no legendary ending. The ending is based on your karma and whether or not you inputed the code yourself.
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amboris answered:

If it didnt work reloading the first time i dont think you should try again.
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