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Random Bomb on ladies neck?

I was starting a play through and as soon as i come out of the vault some lady runs up yo me and babbles about how i should help. i think she may have been a slave but she ran up to me like Bryan (From the mission those). i couldn't save her. has this happened to anyone else and if so what did you do?


ristar1337 answered:

It happened to me.To save her,your character needs a level of Intelligence 7 or more.But since your character just got out of the vault, you might want to use the Intense Training perk.Also,if she has a collar on her neck,then yes,she is a slave.
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pizza1794 answered:

This happened to me also, sadly she died when I attempted it too. She's a slave and you'll find out more about that later in the game.
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Falcon084 answered:

You need your explosives stat up around the 75 mark. You should then have a speach option to disarm the momb and it will be sucsessful.
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TheAllMightyZ answered:

This also happened to me and ended badly : I offered to help and chose the option << Hmmm...I think I should cut this wire here...>> I cut the wire , then the collar made a weird vibrating sound and the slaves head exploded with a small plop,splattering everywhere. I vow never to touch another slaves collar until I reach a decent explosives level. (75)
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sabre05 answered:

Ya, I've had this happen multiple times. In different parts of the game. I think it's a random occurance.
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GameGrudge answered:

Believe it or not but this is a random occurance. Yes "that collar will explode if you tinker with it" says the slavers from paradise falls. What they dont tell you is yes u can disarm it. Yes you need a high skill with explosves or a high intelligence in order to disarm it. Your reward is the map point for a quest involving slaves v.s. slavers. The map point can be gotten also from other runaway salves if you help them after u find them in the wasteland or give Mei-wong caps to buy a gun in Rivet City.
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