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best DLC, and upgrading your room?

2 questions.
1. which is the best DLC excluding anchorage and broken steel?

2. in tenpenny tower, if you let the ghouls in and they killed all the residents. how do you upgrade/improve your room? i saw the option with a ghoul once to buy the things from him. however, he is rarely there and the option to buy things isnt there anymore.

any help would be appriciated. thanks


ristar1337 answered:

the best dlc is broken steel,since your level can go up to 30
I cant help out with the 2nd one,though
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_ILuvRice_ answered:

Point Lookout has to be the best hands down if your excluding BS
sorry I have not experiancd anything like that cuz I'm not evil :/
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amboris answered:

I know both.
Pointlook out an BS re the best. As for the other question charon's dude buddie (the one with the moter cycle helmet) will be selling that stuff.
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