Question from dude090111

Where can I find A3-21 plasma rifle?

I heard that someone in little lamplite gives it to you but who's that person?

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Blue_Dragoon77 answered:

You don't "find" it, it's a quest reward for completing the "Replicated Man" quest. To get it you have to at least pretend to side with the runaway android when you find him.
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Blue_Dragoon77 answered:

P.S. Sorry! Forgot to address your question! As for Little Lamplight; you're thinking of the Wazer Wifle. To get it you have to talk to Biwwy. He's the kid with the speech impediment obviously. (Like Elmer Fudd, get it?) I usually find him in the big living area in the back. Not the one with the Super Mutants all over, the first one all the kids live in.
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pizza1794 answered:

The big area the kids hang out in Little Lamplight is called the Great Chamber.
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