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Dave and Old Olney?

I am doing the quest for Crowly and to do it I need the key from Dave but before getting the quest I already made Dave lose the election. It says his corpse should be here in Old Olney but I cant find it. Does his corpse appear in anywhere specific or is it just random?

Thank you for the help

chinferno provided additional details:

The thing is that I already went tot he Republic of Dave and did the quest where when you make him lose the Election he runs off. It says he ran off to Ol Olney so I go there but I cant find him anywhere

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Ricefarmer357 answered:

Set "You Gotta Shoot Em' In The Head" as your active quest. Quest markers will point you directly to everyone you need to go to to get the keys. For me, Dave was alredy dead in Ol Olney and the marker pointed me directly to his corpse.
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blackfiredrgn answered:

Dave is in the republic of dave the town furthest on the northeast of the map

I believe Ol Olney is south of the republic so just head north and he should be there
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SixChamberMagnu answered:

If Dave has run away to Old Olney, he can be found to the south west area of the town, lying in an alleyway near several other dead wastelanders. Enter from the south side through the destroyed building, and he should be lying on the next street up from where you entered. Its not a big area to explore so shouldn't take too long to find.
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Necromancer123 answered:

Keep in mind that place is crawling in Deathclaws so unless you killed them all, he will almost certainly have been ripped to shreds, so make sure you check that he isnt already dead somewhere on the outskirts of the town.
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CheesyPhil answered:

There is a alleyway in OO.
If you made it all the way, he should be there.
If he died along the way, search the area in and around OO.
That's the best advice I can give you.
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