Question from duswe

Where is the kid Ian in the mission Bloodties?

I've looked all around the river for the kid ,but Idon't see him anywhere. PLEASE HELP!!!!


kick_a22 answered:

Go to Northwest Seneca Station and in there there should be an enterance to Meresti Metro or something
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Artizzel answered:

Go to the Super Duper Market he should run up to you and ask for your help.
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blackhawk808 answered:

Ian West can be found in the Meresti Metro Station. After Evan King in Arefu adds markers to your map, head to Northwest Seneca Station. Inside, you should find a couple of ghouls that can also start an unmarked quest related to Sugar Bombs. In one of the side rooms, there should be a door that opens to a couple of radioactive barrels and a manhole. Enter the manhole into Meresti Service Tunnel. Fight off a couple of Mirelurks and proceed into the train tunnels, but be careful, as there are numerous traps. Save often. After you enter the train tunnels take the first left and you should find Robert, a sentry for the Family. Convince him to let you in, (with a speech check or by showing him the letter for Ian) and proceed into the Meresti Metro Station. Inside, talk to Vance, and discuss with him about Ian. You will then require a password for Ian's room, which can be obtained by passing speech check with other members of the Family or simply by pressing Vance about Ian's situation. After obtaining the password go left from the top of the escalators. The second door on your left (the one with the terminal) should be Ian's holding cell. Open it, talk to him. Convince him to stay with the Family or go back to Arefu. Once that is done, return to Vance and inform him about Ian's decision. You can also use the second option when prompted to answer to suggest a proposal between the Family and Arefu. After speaking to Vance, leave the metro stations, return to the surface and go back to Arefu. Speak to Evan King and complete the quest.
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captinkickass answered:

All of you exept mr long writing guy are ether dump or just complete idots
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