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Lyons' Pride Power Armor?

I have reached the point where I am accepted into the Lyons' Pride and been offered armor (power armor or recon) however when I choose the power armor I only recieve standard BoS armor rather than the Lyons' Pride Power Armor, and I'm asking why that is?

ronin3993 provided additional details:

Well I'm playing on a good character, and I could easily obtain a copy through reverse pickpocketing, but I was just seeing if anyone else had experienced an error such as this and if there is a specific reason.


Jroc1017 answered:

Idk why, but i did the dlc operation achorage, and got winterized power armor thats condition never goes down(stays at 45)and i think 25 for the helmet
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Game_Master713 answered:

Their isn't a difference in damage resistance between the Lyon's power armor and the regular one. If you really want one, just do the mission. (recommend you save first) and continue to the water purifier. The members of the Lyon's can actually die and not become knocked out, so if your character is evil and you don't really care, you can kill one of them and take it. (not really recommended since the rest will turn on you) Or you can simply hope that one of them will die. If you reach the end point (Which is when you go into the Jefferson memorial) and didn't manage to get one, just reload your game and try again.
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Wandrian answered:

If you've got the Paralyzing Palm perk or any Cryo Grenades/Cryo Mines from Mothership Zeta there's another way.

1: Reverse pickpocket a high-condition Tesla or Hellfire armor onto any Lyons Pride member(DR must be 41+).
2: Leave.
3: Return, they should be wearing their new armor.
4: Save right now. Choose either the A or B path below.

5A: Reverse pickpocket them a Cryo Grenade or Cryo Mine and get out of the blast radius.
6A: Grab the armor from them while they're frozen.

5B: Use a single, completely un-armed punch in VATS on your target. If it doesn't paralyze them, reload your save.
6B: Grab the armor while they're paralyzed.

I found this works best on Paladin Kodiak. You can't take the armor from Sentinel Lyons at all as far as I know and for some reason reverse pickpocketing grenades doesn't make them live on some members of Lyons Pride. Don't try multiple punches in VATS because you could make them hostile and don't try any explosives other than Cryo Grenades or Cryo Mines because it'll kill them. They're more useful to you alive.
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sshina025 answered:

simple answer, u may be accepted by the brotherhood, but u arent in the Lyon's Pride
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