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Where can I find the other UFO crashsite?

In the Citadel which used to be the pentagon there is a terminal that says there is a UFO crashsite codenamed "Paladine" is this the one with the regular alien blaster or a new crashsite????


ApocalypticFire answered:

Thats the one with the normal alien blaster the brotherhood never went to it because the area is irradiated
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gomez0115 answered:

Im guessing you are trying to obtain the Firelance. the alien crash is a random encounter only and is more likely to happen if your luck is higher. it can happen at any location in fallout 3 so good luck.
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EagleTalon_x answered:

I read that in the computer too. Paladine was a ufo that crashed in massachuesetts sometime ago. However the ufo left before it was captured. so its niether.
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