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Problem In Oasis? (spoiler inside)

I just finished the Oasis quest. I killed Harold and talked to Birch. Upon trying to exit the grove. It says that it requires a key for me to pass through the door. Is this just a weird glitch? Or do I have to get the key from somewhere?

aesoth provided additional details:

I went underground and killed his heart. Same way you did. Then went ahead and dropped downt he ledge, killed the murkthingies and then talked to Birch. Now I'm stuck in the room. Harold is dead and can't search his body. I'm hoping this isn't a glitch and I forgot to grab something.


54zerogamer54 answered:

I did'nt need a key so its probably a glitch altho if you killed him with firei dont know as i killed him painlessley
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bigburke69 answered:

Did you do it at night time maybe thats why try doing it at daytime and then maybe it will work because they might have locked the gate at night.
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