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Asked: 4 years ago

Dogmeat after broken steel?

i had dogmeat with me when i activated project purity(i didn't put the FEV in it)i have broken steel installed so i woke up two weeks later. i realized dogmeat was gone. i looked in the scrapyard, vault 101, in project purity room and in my tenpenny suite. haven't found him. where does go after project purity or is he gone? do need the puppies perk to get him back?

Additional details - 4 years ago

I already checked the project purity room. And i never got a message saying he was dead so i don't know if puppies perk would work.

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He is most likely where you woke up. He is supposed to be there, although you might have to tell him twice to follow you, followers like it there. :p

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If you were using any of the exploits to have multiple followers, he may not have appeared where you woke up. Try checking the medical bay in the CItadel's B Ring again, he'll very possibly be there waiting on you.

When you have multiple followers, they won't all spawn immediately when you wake up(why I cannot say). Exiting the area with the ones that did spawn and re-entering solves this problem.

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