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Asked: 6 years ago

I can't confirm the VATS target. Help?

I go into VATS and the confirm option is always grayed out and I have max AP... what do I have to do to use it?

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Were you able to use it in the vault? It sounds like you are still early on if you haven't used VATS much, so maybe just use an old save file. Also if you don't have any ammo, you won't be able to use a gun in VATS (obviously).

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When you are on the selected body part you want hit the Right Trigger and it will allow you to confirm your attack.

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VATS won't work if you have a 0% chance to hit your target

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I got the same problem. It seems is a bug to me. Play the game in Windowed Mode workarounds the problem. You can adjust the Window size by editing the configuration file to make Windowed Mode almost as sizable as Full Screen.

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