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One profile does not work while everything else does? please help

The right stick on one profile does not work in gameplay!! i have gotten so far in the game and this is the 5th time i had have to restart the game AND I DONT WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!! the right stick (that makes the guy look around) dosnt work while everything else does, evn on other profiles!! please help!!!!

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*SPOILER* is ther any other solution?i already deleted any other previous saves D= and it only happened when i entered the mechanist forge and carried out from every were to the rebublic of dave to the durwich building... EVERYWERE!!!!!!


blackhawk808 answered:

Try loading from a previous save, maybe? You should be fine if you've gotten that far without having your right analog stick glitch.
It's probably not your disc's fault. Bethesda's been known to have lots of bugs in their games.
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Stormraven40 answered:

This problem happens to some people, but not with the frequency that happens to you. The easiest fix is to save and reload, go in and out of a city/building, go in and out of a conversation, fast travel to several destinations, change control settings back and fourth in options menu, and of course restarting the system.

The fact that this happens to you so many times is an indication that there may be an error in your saved control data. Try playing as another character and see if the problem continues. If it does, try another disk. If you haven't patched the game with Live or with DLCs, do that.
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