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pickpocket the Winterized T51-b in O:A?

How do u pick it from the guy in the sim? Every time I try I get the you've been caught thing and can't take it. Also how do you reverse Pickpocket?

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I know about the one in the vault at the end but I keep hearing about getting a set that does not wear down using the glitch that lets you take stuff from the sim by dragging the dead guy into the pod with you.


psycho200 answered:

You have to complete the sim, the follow specialist Olin to the sealed room. The armor and quite a few other goodies arre in the room.
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Wandrian answered:

Reverse pickpocketing:

1: Get a better weapon or article of clothing(damage and DR are the big factors).
2: Pickpocket them, but GIVE them the better armor, or the better weapon and 1 unit of ammo for it.
3: Leave the area and return. They should have equipped what you gave them.
4: Pickpocket them normally for what you want.

This won't work for everything, such as follower equipment or MacReady's outfit.

You can get a second set of Winterized Combat Armor from the Quartermaster, which provides the only lootable corpse. However, keep in mind that reverse pickpocketing in the simulation is usually a waste of your time. The few things you can get that way, though...

-broken Chinese Stealth Armor(smaller Sneak bonus&no cloaking ability)
-Jingwei's uniform
-Winterized Chinese Jumpsuit
-Army Mechanic Jumpsuit

Don't bother trying to pickpocket the power armor soldiers. They're notoriously difficult to pickpocket even with 100 in Sneak. The only special thing you could get from them is a simulation Minigun anyways, but again that will be *EXTREMELY* difficult to do.
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