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Grenade jump behemoth?

I was killing a super mutant behemoth in evergreen mills, when it burst out of the cage i threw a grenade at it and it went like 30ft in the air when it landed it died instantly and i was wondering if this or anything like this has happened to anyone else

54zerogamer54 provided additional details:

It wasnt the worst thing that could of happened with the behemoth lol it was lucky as i didint have great weapons at the time


Mythos1092 answered:

I'm pretty sure Behemoths are just glitched in terms of grenades. They shoot them up in the air. Just try not to use grenades on Behemoths.
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Bahamut_MXII answered:

I actually had this happen to a Mua Guai (sp?) the thing that looks like a scary bear. I tossed a critical hit him...and he flew high in the air and died on impact with the ground.
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G4RR3N answered:

Yea that happened to me! But with a deathclaw........I've heard other people talk about the flying deathclaw but never with a behemoth
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thecreeper13 answered:

Ya thats happened to me a few times, kinda neat looking
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thecreeper13 answered:

Ya thats happened to me a few times, kinda neat looking
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garaak answered:

Firstly, did you use VATs? There are multiple glitches with vats kills. I shot a guys head off with it and his head flew staight up and never landed. His body also got stuck halfway into a rock. The good news is that it doesn't affect the creatures inventory!
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Travanoid answered:

I think that this may be a glitch, but it may also be somewhat related to your explosives skill. Not sure, but once I got a higher level, stuff started to launch when I tossed 'nades.
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Ner_Zhuul answered:

Ive had that same problem when i was doing the add on to the main story line (Broken Steel) and as i was running to the place i had to go a You Guai jumped me and i shot him with my hunting rifle and he flew SKY HIGH i thought it was pretty funny
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