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Who is the sherrif's son's name?

Because someone asked how you get your own apartment place In Megaton and talk to the Sheriff and tell him you will disarm the bomb the person told the Sheriff about this guy that wants you to activate the bomb and blow up everybody there and the Sheriff got killed and the guy told that if you do the quest for the Sheriff you can either talk to the Sheriff or his son that gives the key and contract to your own apartment place.


Wandrian answered:

Harden Simms. He's pretty easy to pick out of crowd; he's one of only two children in Megaton and the other is a girl. If you're having trouble finding him, try going to Lucas Simms' house at night or Craterside Supply just before 8:00 AM. Harden and Maggie are usually exiting Craterside Supply at exactly 8:00 AM.
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