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Why does the game crash at a specific time & date?

I am in the middle of the Waters of Life quest, replacing the fuses in the Jefferson Memorial. The date is 9/12/77 around 7 AM. No matter where I go, what I do, or where I fast travel to, right when the time gets around 7-8AM, the game freezes. I've tried clearing my cache, waiting and sleeping in game, working forward from a new save, even exchanging my disk for a new one, but whenever the game gets around that time, it freezes without fail. Help! What could be wrong?


Wandrian answered:

After the Waters of Life quest is ended, the entire area of the downtown DC ruins near the Potomac is prone to crashing. The only advice I can give is to try and minimize the strain on on the game's graphics engine. Stay away whenever possible, don't bring followers, avoid weapons with complex or flashy animations(Fat Man/Flamer/anything that makes an explosion), and change your display settings to SD instead of HD.

Unfortunately, you've got a very important quest that creates a *LOT* of graphical effects onscreen in the area coming up next. The fewer unique entities and effects the game has to draw will probably be better.
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